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If Mr Green is your preferred venue, then there are two things you should know. The minimum deposit to play ZOOM for real money is £10 and you can pay it via Paypal or Skrill. This is all you need to start winning on those 64 paylines. Mr Green is a venue that has great promos, including 100% as a welcome bonus that Thunderkick titles can be played with. Depending on the deposit, £100 is the highest this bonus can go. And what’s best is that Mr Green won’t ask for any bonus codes for the promo! Spin ’till you win with Mr Green’s special offer of 100 + 100 Mr Green free spins, awarded in addition to its £100 100% new player bonus you’ll get from Mr Green for becoming their customer.

Mr Green bonus code Tips

Sometimes, looking for Mr Green bonus code is just too much. Fortunately, Mr Green made them redundant. Thanks to their policy, you can enjoy a 100% bonus to match your deposit up to £100.

Mr Green 100% New Player Bonus

Well, if you want to get the 100% sign-up bonus from Mr Green, they’ll ask for a deposit. Just use your Paypal or Skrill funds, deposit the minimum of £10 and your account balance will be boosted by a 100% Mr Green bonus that will double every sum up to £100. You could use this money to try new Thunderkick games, perhaps.

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It’s easy to enjoy a game like ZOOM when it has so much to offer. From 64 paylines and its rewarding features, to the beautifully designed reels, this Thunderkick video slot is what you call a no-brainer. Add to this frequent payouts, accompanied by the maximum win of 800x bet per line, and you’ll get what ZOOM’s all about.

What You Need to Know About ZOOM Online

In order to know what more awaits in ZOOM besides the Arcade theme, we recommend reading the following guidelines.

It seems easy to win on ZOOM when you take a look at its 9 symbols and extra features as well as prize-boosting wilds and scatters, the RTP rate of 96.2% and 64 paylines that combine to pay out up to £150000.

There’s no classic jackpot in this 64-payline title, but you can win an attractive 800x bet per line as the max prize.

Joining an online casino such as Mr Green takes seconds – a simple registration could bring you ZOOM’s numerous rewards. In addition, you can enjoy this 6-reeler anywhere you want. Namely, Mr Green has a mobile app that’s lets you play on the go. Besides, this online casino offers a sign-up bonus.


As one of Thunderkick’s better titles, launched sometime during 2016, ZOOM is regularly revised so players could go for the 800x line bet multiplier without any glitches.

Rules of Play

There are some rules for playing ZOOM:

  • Players need to hit at least 3 of a kind symbols along one of ZOOM’s 64 paylines in order to win
  • The slot pays left to right, although Scatter pays any
  • Scatter wins do not require lining up symbols
  • Wilds serve as substitutes for all 9 symbols except scatter
  • It’s possible to win only once per line – the top win is paid
  • The max wins or wins acquired during autoplay cannot be gambled in the feature
  • Wager at least £0.1 to play ZOOM
  • In case of malfunction, all ZOOM pays and plays can be proclaimed null.

How to Play ZOOM? Read on.

The combination of entertainment and lavish awards in the ZOOM game has always attracted players. Simply put, if you play Thunderkick slots online this 6-reeler pays out as soon as you hit 3 corresponding symbols on an active payline. The left to right payout direction further enhances the winning odds. And this 64 paylines title can make you win big if 6 symbols line up on your reels. More on ZOOM features is available in this article.

First, choose how and where you want to play. Mr Green offers you a 100% bonus, up to £100.

Mr Green lets you have fun with ZOOM in real money mode, winning up to £150000 that you can then cashout. Try this video slot on Mr Green’s flash website and their mobile version.

In addition to real-money version, ZOOM is available as a free version at Mr Green, with optional mobile access as well. This Thunderkick slot can be played without download.

Once you enter this Thunderkick title, you’ll find some choices before you. ZOOM will ask you to click the bet button to adjust your bet. Then, ZOOM will be ready for spinning, initiated with the Spin toggle. Hopefully, it will bring you many 6 of a kind combos!

It’s always recommendable to play on all 64 paylines, to boost your winning odds. Fortunately, ZOOM resolved this for you, as only all 64 paylines can be played on.

Tips for Playing Online Slots:

  • Firstly, you may need to make a decision regarding ZOOM’s paylines.

ZOOM features 64 paylines on its 6 reels. In this Neon retro style title it’s compulsory to have all 64 paylines active. This is not necessarily a bad thing: ZOOM will pay lot more that way, and 800x line bet will more likely become yours.

Paying from left to right there are some nice ZOOM prizes to scoop. Interestingly, the wins are quite frequent, contrasting the popular belief that slots with 64 paylines pay less than video slots with numerous lines, which is mostly untrue.

  • The size of your ZOOM credit is the next step in playing this Thunderkick title.

Lacking complicated preparatory actions, this Thunderkick game attracts both exerienced and new players. ZOOM has a defined coin value of £, allowing you to enjoy the game immediately.

The coin size is irrelevant because in ZOOM it is fixed to . Regardless, ZOOM’s best prizes are yours for the taking, including a top line bet winning of 800x.

  • Since you’re done with your ZOOM coin size, you can now select bet per line.

If you play this Thunderkick online slot, you can stick to a single bet of 1 coins per payline.

In the matter of paylines, as has been said before – there is no need to do anything. Just enjoy playing on all the 64 paylines. At some point in the future, Thunderkick could make this change in updated versions of ZOOM.

This 6-reeler features a designated bet value button for Mr Green players’ convenience.

  • Get those 6 reels going by pressing the Spin button.

Once you press this button, you’ll see the 6 reels start on the bet size you previously picked. Thunderkick also included an auto play button with which ZOOM will make up to 5000 spins in one round.

  • Now, take another look at ZOOM’s dashboard – you should see two more options: one for full screen and another one for volume.

Unfortunately, Thunderkick made one small oversight with this 64-payline slot – there’s no full screen option.

Volume settings are easily operated in ZOOM. You can enjoy playing in complete silence – Thunderkick added a mute button to the main settings.

In terms of sound volume variations, Thunderkick made this title somwehat old-fashioned – in this otherwise advanced title the on/off button is the only volume setting.

Symbols and Multipliers

On the 6 reels of this game you can find 9 symbols. The most attractive to you winning-wise will be:

  • The Star
  • The Seven
  • The Bell
  • The Grapes
  • The Watermellon
  • The Cherries pays the least among the 9 icons.

There are special symbols, too, including:

  • The ZOOM Wild tile
  • The ZOOM scatter sign

It is possible to win up to coins if Lady Luck is smiling upon you. 6 of the highest winning – Star images, which is ZOOM’s best symbol, will suffice to get 800x bet per line. But to win those £150000 is to make an investment – all 64 paylines active, and staked on each of the lines.

Be on the look-out for this one, it will pay you the most:

Following the strongest symbol is Seven, which – depending on your stake – may pay up to £ on the highest bet per line level. Bell comes next, with its prize of 320-fold line bet on the coin stake and the maximum line stake multiplier of £ when you place all coins per payline and get 6 of the Bell symbols on an active payline.

Take the Grapes and the Watermellon symbols’ top prizes of 250x and 225x line bet and you’ll realize this Thunderkick slot has more in store for you. Although modest, the Cherries symbol’s prizes of the maximum 160-fold line bet are a decent bankroll booster when nothing else comes your way.

In terms of this Thunderkick slot’s special features, the Wild is the one that substitutes for its 9 regular symbols and awards 800x stake when 6 of them hit the reels. It’s quite a bargain, considering the -coin the minimum bet.

This slot is attractive because of its the Wild symbol and its scatter together!the ZOOM’s ZOOM symbol offers not only the x total bet prize, but also pays any.

Even more fun’s in store with this video slot and its feature tile, which activates a special bonus feature.

Bet Lines

One of the main things to know about this 6-reeler is that it’s a modern video slot which gives winners on 64 paylines.

You can benefit from 64 paylines in this genuine video slot, and they’re there to decide how much this Thunderkick slot will pay you.

Although some things can be adjusted in ZOOM to suit your preferences, paylines are unalterable. 64 lines are always on in this Thunderkick game, so place your bet as £150000 can become yours within a blink of an eye.

Indeed, this is the most common way for monitoring ZOOM wagers.

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More Info:

  • All lines pay in the left to right direction.
  • You need to match and line up 3 or more symbols to hit a win.
  • Wild symbol is a substitute for regular ZOOM icons.
  • the ZOOM pays any, regardless of the paylines.
  • All 64 lines pay out only the highest win. No two wins on a single payline can be paid.
  • All 64 win lines must be active to play ZOOM. This implies that Thunderkick designed the game to pay out all the winners at all times.

The Reels

Here we have a video game that will satisfy the traditionalist in you. Thunderkick came up with this 6-reeler wanting to keep it simple. The reels go in downward direction so you can concentrate on the important stuff – getting serious prizes! ZOOM is therefore simple, elegant and most importantly, profitable.

This video bears 9 tiles in charge of making you into a winner. And some of them are not so standard, namely the wild and the scatter which pay on any position.

ZOOM Jackpot

As far as online slot jackpots go, there’s no ZOOM jackpot, but that doesn’t mean this Thunderkick title won’t let you win big. The Star symbol could bring you the top prize – 800 times line bet, which is a massive coins if you wager the maximum bet With a bet of all coins, your win could amount to whopping £150000.

Couple of Words on Thunderkick Progressive Jackpot

Sadly, ZOOM has no progressive jackpot, which is not necessarily a bad thing – your Mr Green account can still be boosted courtesy of the 800x line bet multiplier. Moreover, some casinos may include ZOOM in their progressive jackpot pool in the near future.

Video Slots VS Classic Slots

ZOOM is definitely a video slot. This 6-reel slot reveals quality graphics.

Is this a 3D Game?

Absolutely not. Thunderkick didn’t invest that much effort into ZOOM, but it’s nevertheless a cool 6-reel slot with interesting features. Besides, many Thunderkick video and classic slots pay better than 3D ones.

ZOOM Download Explained

If you are looking for an instant play instead of a ZOOM download, just head straight to Mr Green. There you can start playing this modern slot right then and there. Fancy playing free Thunderkick games, too? Then don’t dilly-dally and join Mr Green to spin ZOOM in free mode. For a no-fuss experience, just click on play ZOOM for real money, switch to Mr Green’s real money play and start fattening up you pocket.


This 64 paylines slot offers the following setup options:

The Spin Button

Those 6 reels won’t spin by themselves, so you need to get them going by pushing the Spin button. And once you start this Thunderkick title, you are signing up for a chance to get some colossal prizes, including the line bet multiplier of 800x. Plus, Thunderkick provided some other buttons as well:

  • A mute button
  • An info tab for ZOOM’s paytable and general rules

Turbo Setting

Every so often, Thunderkick thinks of a way to help make your gaming easier and more fun. One of those ways is to implement a Turbo button which gets the reels moving fast enough to save you time and get a bit of adrenaline going.

For reasons unknown, Thunderkick did not include the Turbo setting in this 6-reeler even though it appears in many video slots.

The Info Tab

Perhaps the most overlooked feature of the ZOOM game is the Info page. It contains all the rules and other important details, so make sure you click on it.


Let’s say you have an itch to play ZOOM with real money and you press the assigned button for real money play, you may wonder if this Mr Green game has the Autoplay setting, which plays the 6-reeler all by itself. Yes, it does, as Thunderkick had the forethought to include Autospin in the slick Neon retro-style release, with up to a maximum of 5000 spins, although it stops when it hits a prize.

No more clicking forever on the Spin toggle! This clever setting, called Autoplay, makes it easy for you to play with no stopping! Thunderkick has also made this option customized to players’ needs.

What is the Minimum Bet Amount?

Whether it was the splendid design or the not so rare wins that drew you to ZOOM, you should first find out the minimum amount you can bet with. When you have that information it will be easy to calculate how much you’ll pocket with the line bet multiplier of 800x.

You’ll have to spend some time to lower your ZOOM stake to a minimum, because there is no one button for this. So look around to find how to allocate £ to a line.

Indeed, players cannot decide on ZOOM slot’s number of lines. Still, even with the minimal bet of £0.1 you can be the candidate for major rewards.

Max Bet in Cash

Sure, this 6-reeler carries regular winners, but it has no Max Bet button. Consequently, you must check first what are this Arcade-related slot’s default settings before making the 6 reels spin.

Winning Odds with ZOOM RTP

The number of RTP (an acronym for Return to Player) represents ZOOM’s ability to have a yield on your investment. In percentage, RTP in video slots is bound to range from about 93% to 96%, with a return of a median of £96 on each £100 which you spend. Though, you need to be careful not to misunderstand this feature, as it does not necessarily signify winning 96% of the time – rather, its basis is the rate of ZOOM’s payout.

Having a top-notch ZOOM RTP of 96.2%, it’s no wonder this slot is so popular among Mr Green players.

Extra Symbols

This particular Thunderkick slot has a wild as well as a scatter symbol. You can find out more about this if you read further.

Scatter in Slots

This 6-reel online slot features a scatter, which is called the ZOOM, and pays any up to x bet per line.

Scatter in ZOOM:

What is the Wild Feature?

Thunderkick game’s wild symbol is a stand-in for other symbols, such as Grapes, and functions to complete the winning combos. Thus, with 5 Grapes icons on 64 active lines, coming up with the Wild in the right position entails that you will have 250x wager per line for all 6 symbols which align.

Here is the Wild symbol.

Are There Any Expanding Wilds to Boost My Winnings?

While many slots now have expanding wilds, Thunderkick didn’t bother to include one in ZOOM. But, you can enjoy the 6-reeler’s other special features as a compensation.

Details About the Stacked Extra

There is no stacked wild on those 6 reels, due to the fact that Thunderkick omitted it from the game. However, this 6-reel slot has multiple additional features which can retain any player’s attention.

How to Use the Overlay Tile

Just because this Thunderkick game’s reels have no overlay wild in no way means that ZOOM is boring. In fact, its biggest prize, 800x line bet, is possible on every spin.

How to Navigate ZOOM Paytable

The most important information on ZOOM’s 9 symbols can be found in the Paytable by a click on the relevant button Mr Green players of this Thunderkick game may expect prizes if minimum 3 symbols appear on a payline, whereas 6 identical symbols make the maximum. This 6-reeler pays out the highest prize when 6 matching symbols get on the screen. Look for the Star, it is the top rewarding standard symbol with a 800x line stake multiplier. The next best one is the Seven symbol. It can enhance your line stake 450 times. Another good symbol is the Bell which can bring a prize of 320x line stake. Your line wager can also be boosted 250 times by the Grapes symbol. Thunderkick also created the Watermellon symbol that could trigger a 225x line stake winner. As for the minimally rewarding ZOOM symbol, it’s the Cherries.

For example, getting 6 Cherries symbols on one of ZOOM’s lines will bring you £ on the minimum wager of £. But you can get more, too – say, £ for 6 Bell tiles lined up on those 6 reels. Or, if you’re really optimistic, hope for 6 Star icons that will bring you £.

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Allocating the Betting Credit

In order to make your ZOOM play enjoyable and without unpleasant surprises, you have to prepare the bet size first. There are more ways than one to go about it.

  • You have the bet value setting

While numerous other Thunderkick titles have flexible paylines, in ZOOM they are fixed to 64 of them. However, this isn’t a downside. ZOOM, like other slots, pays best on the maximum – 64 lines.

What is bet level? Just an another way to arrange your virtual coins over 64 lines in ZOOM. Choose 1 – 1, betting between and on each turn.

Is There a Specific Value for Coins?

There are 64 paylines in this slot, and you can opt to make your coin cash equivalent at £, which is the maximum value. But you can also put it to the minimum of £.

Does ZOOM Have a Multiplier Extra?

Winning with special multiplier features in Thunderkick slots is a common thing. Perhaps Mr Green players will be disappointed that ZOOM doesn’t feature a multiplier, but its ZOOM feature may improve their opinion.

This Thunderkick Game’s Extra Features

Getting ZOOM’s Bonus and Free Spins Feature

Bonus Feature Explained

How smashing would it be to have a bonus game in this Arcade – themed slot? Alas, you won’t get that feature in ZOOM. Should you take this finely designed slot for a spin? Sure, why not. Should you expect a bonus game? In a word – no.

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Is There a Double-Up Game in ZOOM?

While many 6-reel slots involve that extra Risk feature, including some Thunderkick slots, there is no such game in ZOOM. Therefore, you can’t play double-up with this video game’s winnings, which isn’t so bad – your Mr Green balance could end up with more money, after all.

ZOOM Free Spins – In Game vs Bonus

ZOOM free spins sometimes confuse players. If you’re playing video slots, you may run into them as a feature. And if you sign up at an online casino, such as Mr Green, you may be offered, say, 100 no deposit free spins and 100 after deposit as a welcome offer for joining Mr Green. And in terms of video slots’ free spins, games such as ZOOM may offer them as an in-game payout booster. There’s another thing not to confuse: Mr Green’s free play mode and slots’ free spins. Playing ZOOM in fun play offered by Mr Green won’t result in real prizes, while winning free spins and wagering on Thunderkick slots will definitely pay off.

It’s a shame that ZOOM doesn’t include free spins, which is the way Thunderkick has set it up. Despite this, though, Mr Green will allow you to use their free spins bonus on ZOOM, if you want. They offer 100 + 100 spins simply for signing up for a new Mr Green account. One thing, though, Mr Green don’t provide all 100 + 100 in one go. You’ll be given 5 each day until you use them all up.

Game Interface Design

Trendy visuals and design mark ZOOM. This game is an eye-candy, but Thunderkick has also added regular rewards and numerous set-up variations with which it’s possible to:

  • click-choose the bet size
  • mute all sounds completely
  • reap the benefits of Auto Spin
  • get insight into the paytable
  • get an overview of the game rules
  • play ZOOM for real money

The Sound Effects

Being detailed oriented, the designers at Thunderkick gave great, theme-specific sounds to ZOOM, providing a complete gaming experience to Mr Green punters who appreciate games with Arcade storylines. That’s a nice addition to the £150000 top prize, improving the quality of playtime. Additionally, if you get tired of ZOOM’s sounds, simply turn them off using an adequate switch.

ZOOM Real Cash Play

When slot design is in question, leave it to Thunderkick to produce a lively, enticingly and richly designed 64 paylines game for its players. Although playing for is, well, fun, ZOOM could actually boost your account by £150000 in real money. If you play for real money, that is. Moreover, with bonus features this Arcade styled game has, you might want to bookmark it.

What’s the Real Money Play Procedure?

Playing ZOOM for money is nice, but playing for real money is better. Mr Green offers a chance to win big if you open an account – as much as £150000. This is how you can do it:

Mr Green Withdrawal Options

With the regular prizes this slot gives, you’ll have your Mr Green account bursting in no time. In order for you to get the money, you can trasfer it to Paypal or Skrill fast and easy in couple of clicks. Yet, be aware that most online casinos have some sort of limit, so – ask Mr Green staff about this before making a withdrawal.

Taking the 100% bonus draws playthrough requirements of 35 x the bonus. After that, you can cashout this Thunderkick slot’s prizes. You need to comply with Mr Green’s T&Cs, too. Find them on Mr Green’s site, not the ZOOM Info tab – it’s only reserved for the game info.

Is It Possible to Run ZOOM in Free Mode?

You can play ZOOM online for free at Mr Green. This is perfect for punters who want to try Thunderkick slots online, either through computer or their mobile.

You don’t have to bother with openning Mr Green account to play ZOOM free mode. This video slot and many more Thunderkick slots are laid out for you to try – just head on to their website and start spinning the 6 reels.

After you get the taste of this Thunderkick title in ZOOM online free play, you can click on the play ZOOM for cash and move on to real play. Just deposit £10 or more, select your preferred ZOOM bet, which starts at £ per line, and benefit from Mr Green’s welcome bonus that gives you 100% more than you deposit.

What’s a Mr Green No Deposit Bonus And How Can I Get It?

The Mr Green no deposit bonus offer is currently lacking. But we can still enjoy playing ZOOM using the 100% deposit welcome bonus amount, with the lowest avaiable deposit of £10. We’ll update this ZOOM review, of course, if Mr Green starts offering a free chip for it.

Can I Play ZOOM Online Via the Mr Green App?

Luckily, Mr Green enabled its players to take ZOOM anywhere they go with the ZOOM app. So you can spin the 6 reels on iOS, Android and the experience will be unchanged. The colourful design will still be there, the 800x line multiplier will be there and the £150000 prize is still to be won. Also, you will find that the payout rate of 96.2% is the same.

If you want to play this video slot on the go, and you have an iPhone or iPad, you can do that via the Mr Green app for iOS. Here you’ll also find other Thunderkick titles that may take your fancy.

Mr Green felt that Android owners shouldn’t be devoid of ZOOM when they wish to play it on mobile. This Arcade-themed game has a dedicated Mr Green app that awaits its lucky punters in Google Store.

As always, one must be carefull when downloading apps, and the same goes for the Mr Green app. If you want to spin this video slot, know that the app is free.

Mr Green App Bonus for ZOOM Mobile

It is unfortunate that Mr Green didn’t opt to give a ZOOM mobile bonus. Still, the £150000 prize is there, along with some lucrative specials, so you might as well spin it.

What is the Most I Can Win?

This particular game offersfrequent potential wins. The paytable has all the info – which you can see by clicking the relevant paytable button. The best symbol, as you’ll see, is the Star, which comes with a possible 800 x line stake multiplier win. This means that, with your line stake at 1 coins, and each coin being worth £, you could win big by lining up the 6 reels.

ZOOM Strategy

Your winning odds on this video slot depends on two similar factors – the ZOOM RTP and the house edge. RTP is ZOOM’s payouts/wagers ratio calculated over a longer period of 6 reels spinning and those 64 lines paying, while house edge is what Mr Green will make on average.

If you’re not sure about playing for real, though, simply find a free version of ZOOM, take a few spins or activate those 100 no deposit free spins and 100 after deposit offered by Mr Green as a new player bonus and test-drive the game.

Similarly to so many other Thunderkick slots, prizes here can be won quite often, but they usually come in smaller amounts.

You might simply be interested in having some fun. You might just enjoy watching the 6 reels spinning around, passing away some leisure time without a care in the world. Whatever the reason, we recommend you always approach the slots with a sense of fun, and not get too carried away with the possibility of hitting that big prize win.

Details about Thunderkick:

  • Established: 2012
  • Founder: Team-Founded
  • Headquarters: Kungstensgatan 12, 113 57 Stockholm, Sweden
  • Website: https://www.thunderkick.com/
  • Specialties: Online Gaming, Remote Gaming Server Provider, Mobile Games
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