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To get a Mr Green bonus, and be able to play Spectra for real money, you need the voucher code, right? Wrong! Mr Green’s welcoming 100% bonus is yours when you register Mr Green account and deposit through Paypal, Skrill, and other ewallets. What you get is up to great £100 that you can use to play Thunderkick Spectra for much longer, without any bonus codes. Getting free money from Mr Green’s easy – all new players earn the 100% bonus up to £100, as well as 100 + 100 Mr Green free spins.

Mr Green bonus code Tutorial

For many punters, gambling on Thunderkick slots without free money isn’t an option. However, Spectra can be played with many bonuscode-free bonuses from Mr Green’s extensive offering. Take, for example, the 100% welcome bonus up to £100, and some major VIP promos that Mr Green asks no bonuscode for. Throw in great Thunderkick games, and friendly Mr Green service and you get a top gaming experience.

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So, why not use the free money when Mr Green offers it so generously? Just deposit at least £10 and you’ll be rewarded with a 100% bonus that may go as high as £100 that you can enjoy Thunderkick games with for much longer.

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The ABC of Spectra

When you want to enjoy a few spins on a video slot, there aren’t many better choices than Spectra. This 5-reel, 30-payline slot doesn’t offer just, great special features, but also a £240000 win that you could call yours. This Thunderkick video slot with a Arcade theme that suits so many fans of Neon involves advanced graphics that you’re bound to love.

Learn All About Spectra Online

Whether you’re a Neon aficionado or not is beside the point when it comes to Spectra. This is because Thunderkick tried to make it a lucrative game. How lucrative? We’ll tell you in this article.

Sure, the 10 symbols in this particular contemporary slot game look very nice, but they harbour some nifty features like the wild symbols, plus additional prize boosters such as.

Ever think about joining an online casino such as Mr Green? Opening a free account and playing Spectra can make you busy trying to win lots of cash prizes. And not only that, you can also have fun playing Spectra on any device, including your mobile, via Mr Green’s mobile app. What’s more, a convenient welcome bonus is also offered.


Thunderkick’s famous Spectra video slot, first presented in 2016, is a game of many facets. Thunderkick strives to keep it constantly updated: Spectra consequently always runs smoothly and without bugs.

The Rules of Playing

Follow these rules when playing Spectra:

  • All Spectra wins are paid left to right
  • The player needs a minimum of 3 matching symbols lined up to win
  • The Wild substitutes for Spectra’s regular symbols
  • Spectra pays just top line wins
  • The minimum wager is £0.1 coins
  • Malfunction will annul all wins and plays

Play Spectra Online? Here’s How!

To win in Spectra, you’ll need at least 3 connecting symbols on one of the 30 paylines, which pay left to right. In this article, you’ll find details about Spectra, how to play this well-known video slot, and exploit its entire potential.When you play Thunderkick slots online, the same rules should apply to other games as well.

It can be a daunting task, choosing where to play Spectra. Selecting the Thunderkick casin is your first step. Mr Green might be the place for you as it has a 100% joining bonus that gives up to £100 on top of your initial deposit.

Thinking about playing this genuine Thunderkick release with real money in order to win 300x line bet? Try Mr Green and play it right away on their website, or on Mr Green Mobile while you’re on the go.

If you would like to try Spectra free play version, you could visit Mr Green website or use your mobile device. No software download is required.

Once you enter this Thunderkick title, you’ll find some choices before you. Spectra will ask you to click the bet button to adjust your bet. Then, Spectra will be ready for spinning, initiated with the Spin toggle. Hopefully, it will bring you many 5 of a kind combos!

Excitement and prizes come with 5 corresponding symbols on the line. This Thunderkick title allows betting on max 30 paylines, which means better chances to win. Betting on all 30 paylines also increases your winning odds.

Follow These Steps:

  • Spectra has 30 paylines, so how many will be active?

There are 30 paylines in this Mr Green hosted slot. And there’s no choosing here – all 30 will be active at all times. Thunderkick did you a favor here, actually, because 30 active lines means best winning chances, making 300x line bet less impossible to get.

This engaging game pays left to right like so many other video slots. It’s worth noting that Spectra payouts are quite generous, unlike what’s generally expected from a 30-payline-slot. Thus, this 5-reeler guarantees decent payouts and loads of fun.

  • This was easy, right? The next step is just as simple – choose your credit size.

Want to play Spectra with real money in Mr Green? You should know that the coin value is fixed – £ is the only sum you can stake per coin at the moment.

Therefore, you don’t have to tackle the Spectra settings. Go straight for big wins – the 300x line bet, which is the top prize in Spectra.

  • With your coin amount set, Spectra will want you to dedicate attention to line bet.

In case of Spectra, there’s no such choice – you’re stuck with 1 coins per line.

As we have mentioned before, all 30 paylines need to be played on in Spectra. Players cannot make any choices here.

In addition, you can go between £0.1 and £100 by using the bet value option.

  • So, when you feel ready to take the plunge, click Spin.

By pressing this button, its 5 reels are set into motion to play Spectra on the previously selected bet. This Thunderkick game offers a useful auto spin feature. 5000 times is the maximal number of spins.

  • What’s the next step? Full screen and volume options, of course.

As for the full screen, unfortunately Spectra doesn’t feature this option in its settings. Thunderkick will probably improve such details, as this 30 paylines game attracts punters with different playing tastes.

You can use the mute button to turn off this video slot’s sounds and play in peace.

There’s no middle solution volume-wise in Spectra – you can’t control it in any other way except turn it on or off.

How Well do the Symbols Pay?

Thunderkick included 10 symbols into this online title. The following are the video slot’s best paying among them:

  • The highest paying is the BAR symbol
  • The Seven
  • The Bell
  • The Four-leaf Clover
  • The Pentagon
  • And of course, there’s the Circle which pays the least.

And to make payouts even better and Spectra play more interesting, there are also:

  • a wild symbol
  • a stacked wild symbol designed like the Wild

If you are looking for the slot’s huge award, then the BAR tile is the one that you need to focus on. With it come the best prizes and it can pay out up to 300-fold line wager, but just remember to spin on all the 30 bet lines and wager the maximum £ on each one to get the highest possible payout.

Make note of this symbol because it will pay the most:

Next comes the Seven as the second best symbol. If you stake per line, it may boost it by 210 times, but if you decide to wager coins per line and hit 5 of these symbols, 210 will be further multiplied by . After the Seven comes an equally generous tile – the Bell, which rewards you with 120 on the coin stake, but may increase your bankroll with a £ prize if you play on the max bet and 5 of them appear on an active line.

Plenty of chances to win money in Spectra – you have the Four-leaf Clover tile that rewards punters with a 90x multiplier, and there’s the Pentagon tile with its 66x line bet multiplier. And if all fails, you can still hope for the Circle, which is the lowest paying symbol which will multiply you bet by 42x.

As for the wild symbol, it generally appears in Mr Green slots and substitutes for other 10 symbols to create additional winners. But also, with 5 wilds, you will get as much as 600-fold line bet. There are other types of wilds in Spectra, too.


This is a 5-reel, 30-payline video slot.

You can benefit from 30 paylines in this genuine video slot, and they’re there to decide how much this Thunderkick slot will pay you.

The slot fans who don’t like fiddling with paylines can relax, as this video slot requires none of that. The total is 30 paylines. You may wonder why this is so? Well, the playlines are never ever off, so there is nothing for you to do but play away and enjoy the Spectra slot by winning.

Instead of paylines, you can use the described buttons to increase/decrease your bet.

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More Info:

  • Spectra’s active bet lines pay left to right.
  • The smallest number of matching Spectra symbols for a prize is 3. They need to appear along one of the 30 lines.
  • The wild symbol replaces all regular tiles among the 10 symbols to form additional winners.
  • There’s also the Wild symbol with which more than one payline is covered.
  • The highest line win pays only. If you hit two wins, Spectra’s paylines will register only the higher of the two.
  • You have to play this 5-reeler on fixed paylines, all 30 of them. This means all winnings are yours to collect.


If you like straightforward, no-nonsense exciting slots, then take Spectra for a spin. Its 5 reels going downward let you concentrate on getting yourself some serious cash! Precisely what Thunderkick had in mind with this Arcade-themed game – easy-breezy spinning for some nice wins.

This 30 paylines slot’s symbols are in charge of making you money. There are 10 of them and some of them could bring you colossal prizes. Additionally, some of them are there since Thunderkick wanted to boost your chances. That’s why you’ll find a wild symbol. You may also run into the symbol which carries the stacked wild,

Fixed Spectra Jackpot

Instead of a Spectra jackpot, you can win up to £240000 or even one of the special bonuses. The only thing you can’t have is the online slot jackpots because Thunderkick didn’t include it.

Progressive Jackpot Information

Progressive jackpots might be great for attracting people, but Spectra not having one needn’t put you off playing this Thunderkick slots game. The 5 reel slot action comes with its own bonus of a 300x multiplier that can easily ramp up the potential winnings. You might also find Spectra games being included in the jackpots offered by other Thunderkick casinos, too.

Do Video Slots Have an Advantage Over Traditional Slots?

Spectra is a contemporary video slot. This Thunderkick game comes with intricate visual effects, including clever animations.

Can I Play Spectra 3D?

Regrettably, Thunderkick decided not to go with 3D graphics on Spectra. But what playing slots at Mr Green boils down to is pocketing huge sums of money, and this little 5-reel gem will provide you with exactly that.

Thunderkick Slots Download

In comparison with some other online casinos that offer the Spectra game, there is a level of ease at Mr Green. No Spectra download necessary. Casinos offering the Spectra game are usually compatible with Mac and PC computers, with Mr Green also offering a demo version as well as a cash version of the game. So you can trial Spectra for free, then press the money button in order to move up to playing for cash.

Buttons and Controls

The following is a run-through of Spectra’s controls:

The Spin Control

With the Spin toggle you will start this 30 paylines slot. And once you do that, you’re setting yourself up for a 300x line bet multiplier, some signinficant prizes and heaps of fun, especially if you’re a Neon theme fan. Furthermore, Thunderkick inluded the following set of buttons:

  • Should you need more info you can click on the info icon
  • You can mute the game completely

The Turbo Button

Are you in a rush to catch the 300x multiplier? You wish Spectra’s reels could be accellerated, bringing you £240000 prompter? You need to look for the Turbo button.

In this Neon themed slot you won’t be able to speed up the 5 reels. So you’ll have to take your time to get to the £240000 prize. And anyway, this slot gives quite high winners, so it really doesn’t matter if you have it on Turbo or not.

Info Icon

Most people forget about the Spectra Info tab when they need some info. Contacting Mr Green support is fine, but takes time, unlike the Thunderkick-designed Info section that puts all the Spectra rules and details you need only a click away.


Once you decide to play Spectra for real and click the assigned real money play button, you’ll want to know whether this Mr Green title offers Autoplay, which should spin the 5 reels without asking you to do it yourself. The answer is yes, Thunderkick indeed made its popular Arcade-themed release with Autoplay which can spin up to 5000 times, stopping when one of the special features gets hit.

Did you ever think that Spin could be replaced? Well, it can, with Autoplay, entailing that this 5-reels slot can be spun at your leisure!

The Minimum Bet Size

Wanna stand a chance at winning £240000 for real? Then check out Spectra’s lowest bet size before pressing the Play for Cash toggle and enjoying what this 5-reeler has to offer in real-money mode. Mr Green will celebrate your sign up with a nice 100% welcome bonus.

You can select the lowest wager of £ per each of the 30 lines, which totals to £0.1.

Since the top bet in Spectra is whopping £100. it’s good for lowrollers that Thunderkick included line bets from £ into the slot’s offering, for £0.1 as the lowest bet size

Less clicking around means more time to wager. That’s the reason why Thunderkick was kind enough to preset a fixed the maximum of lines to 30 lines. This doesn’t mean you will have to bet big amounts, you can set and your bet in cash will be £0.1. The main perk of having the lines fixed is the opportunity to increase the likelihood of hitting the special features which these 10 little tiles can get you.

Setting the Max Bet

If you want to go big on this superbly designed slot, you should put all your wagers and values to the max. Only, you will notice that you have to do it manually since there is no single-click the max Bet option. If your preference is the max bet, know that Thunderkick failed to include the max Bet toggle in Spectra. Still, lucrative prizes are well worth the bother.

What to Expect from Spectra RTP?

Spectra RTP, or Return to Player, is determined by an algorithm and represented by percentages, and it shows you what is Spectra’s rate of payouts over time. Commonly, video slots have the RTP ranging from 93% to 96%. This 30 paylines title has an 96% RTP. This doesn’t show you Spectra volatility, just that when you bet £100 the game will return £96 on average.

You will be glad to know that this video slot is more than it meets the eye – the Spectra RTP is no less than 96.4%.

Extra Symbols

Scatter Symbol

Sure, it would be great if Spectra has a scatter, but there’s none, so there you have it. But before you go in search of another modern video slot, you should try this one out because it has other possibilities to win big.

More Details on This Thunderkick Release’s Wild

The Spectra wild symbol basically works as a substitute for a standard symbol. If you need 5 same symbols, and end up one short, it will act as that one which you need. So if the symbol in question is the Bell, the wild will step in and you will win 120 times your line wager. Therefore, one could say this wild is worth hoping for.

The Spectra wild symbol is represented with the symbol in the above picture.

Expanding Symbols

It’s not unusual for 5-reel slots to have expanding wilds, but Spectra unfortunately features none. However, Thunderkick made it with other interesting features you’ll love.

About Spectra Stacked Wilds

What’s better than seeing wilds stack? The Wild symbol lets you watch this happen, and Thunderkick enabled it to pay you up to 600x line bet – quite hefty, right?

More than Just a Wild

It is slightly disappointing that Thunderkick has omitted an overlay wild as part of Spectra’s features but we can hope that this might change some time in the near future.

Paytable in Spectra

Plan your budget for this video slot by taking a peek at its paytable. Thunderkick made it very clear and accessible through a dedicated button, and all 10 symbols can be found there. Pays start at 3 of a kind symbols, and it takes 5 symbols lined up to get big prizes. The Circle may not offer you big ones, but its 42x line stake multiplier will be handy when your Mr Green balance drops. You can win more on the Pentagon and the Four-leaf Clover symbols, whose respective payouts are 66 and 90 times line bet. Fortunately, Spectra offers higher prizes with the Bell – 120x bet per line – and especially with the Seven, which will reward your investment into this Thunderkick title with a lucrative 210x line bet multiplier. Lastly, the game’s BAR symbol will give you a huge 300x your bet per line, which is enough Spectra money to keep you spinning those 5 reels for much longer. Or withdraw the money from your Mr Green account and enjoy it anyway you want.

This works in this manner – have a bet per line of £. If you hit the 5 Circle in one line, you’ll win £. The other symbols work the same way. For example, the Seven wins £ when 5 of them are in a winning line. Also, the BAR gives you £ in winnings when you hit 5 of these symbols in the same line.

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Selecting the Bet Size for Spectra

Spectra lets you decide on how much you are going to bet in Mr Green and you can do it in one of the following manners:

  • Amend the bet level

In this 5-reeler, you can only play on 30 lines. But that’s okay, Spectra payouts are the best on the maximum lines.

Bet level is Thunderkick’s way of introducing coins, without actually using coins. You can choose the bet level which influences all 30 lines.

Spectra Coins

Determening the coin value can be a great way to keep your wagering under check. It takes just a couple of clicks or the size of your bet.

Multiplier Feature in Spectra

Besides the usual line multiplier which goes between 42x and 300x, sometimes you can find the multiplier feature. Alas, this was not included in Spectra, but there is the Wild Nudge special that can come in handy.

Spectra Extra Spins, Games and Bonus Features

What to Expect from Spectra When it Comes to Bonuses?

What Bonus Rounds Does Spectra Offer?

Sadly, this video slot has no bonus feature.Regardless, this 5-reel title still has much to offer the player.

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Is There a Double-Up Game in Spectra?

What you’re looking at here is a contemporary slot game. But it lacks the gamble feature, so Spectra won’t be offering you to go double or nothing with your winnings.

Spectra Free Spins 101

You might well find yourself getting confused between the Spectra free spins feature and the Mr Green free spins bonus. Certain casinos you might play at, including Mr Green might give you free spins as their normal bonus. So 100 + 100 will be on offer for you once you sign up for Mr Green. And maybe you’ll actually win enough using the Thunderkick slots games to achieve a good payout from them. Casinos also often include a free play option for their games. When playing Spectra in free play mode, you won’t benefit from any cash winnings. However, playing Thunderkick slots games for real can see you winning real money.

Graphics and Visuals

Similarly to other Thunderkick video slots, this 30-line game provides not just genuine graphics that finely complement its Arcade content, but also a number of buttons that serve to:

  • play Spectra for real money
  • relax while Spectra is autospinning
  • check the paytable
  • set the bet
  • use the mute-button
  • get the advantage of the info table

Background Music

Simply put, everything about this Thunderkick title is coloured in the Neon theme, including its sounds. Thus, Spectra provides an authentic atmosphere that many Mr Green punters simply can’t resist. Add the maximum 300x line bet multiplier into the mix, and you’ll get why Spectra attracts numerous punters. However, if the Neon sounds aren’t to your liking, this 5-reeler offers a mute button.

Spectra Real Money Play

Visualy, this video slot is very eye-catching. And if you were thinking of playing Spectra just for fun, you may want to reconsider – there’s £240000 that could be won. Plus, it will give you many opportunities to hit it big. So, there’s no harm in giving the 5 reels a spin.

Spectra’s Real Money Play

If real money play is your choice, access Mr Green’s registration section and open your account within 5minutes. Here’s a step-to-step guide to becoming a Mr Green customer:

Withdrawal Policies

When it comes to withdrawing your wins from this 30 paylines slot, the process is quite straightforward: just withdraw the winning from your Mr Green account via Paypal or Skrill, or another method. Just try not to spend it in one go! And ask the Mr Green customer support if you have any limit-related questions.

By activating the generous 100% welcome offer you agree to fulfill the 35 x playthrough before you can request a withdrawal from your Mr Green account. What you really need to know, too, are Mr Green’s T&Cs, which specify withdrawal policies, too. Only, they aren’t in Spectra’s Info section, as Thunderkick has nothing to do with them, but on Mr Green’s website.

Is There a Way to Check Out Spectra Without Placing Real Bets?

At Mr Green, you can play Spectra free.It’s a great way to test this Thunderkick title on your mobile or computer.

You don’t have to bother with openning Mr Green account to play Spectra free mode. This video slot and many more Thunderkick slots are laid out for you to try – just head on to their website and start spinning the 5 reels.

If you’re playing this 5 reel game in Spectra free play mode, consider the amount Spectra could have provided you with for real. So to make the most of this Thunderkick game, press the yes icon and switch up to the real money play mode at the Mr Green. Deposit the min £10 to start playing for real. Spectra’s minimum line stake is only £, so you could be playing for real for quite some time. Having deposited your £10, you can also use the nice £100 bonus amount to keep you spinning the game’s 5 for even longer.

Mr Green No Deposit Bonus for Playing Spectra Online

It’s true that there is no Mr Green no deposit bonus, but at least the 100% welcome bonus is there to prolong playing Spectra. Besides, the minimum deposit Mr Green requires is pretty undemanding – only £10, and even with that this Thunderkick game can be played for quite a while.

Spectra App

What’s the Spectra app for? Spectra and all of its fabulous features, £240000 wins, 96.4% Spectra RTP rate, and lively graphics are available on a Mr Green app, that lets you play on iOS, Android devices and keep the feel of desktop quality.

If you want to play this video slot on the go, and you have an iPhone or iPad, you can do that via the Mr Green app for iOS. Here you’ll also find other Thunderkick titles that may take your fancy.

Of course there’s a Mr Green app for playing this 30-payliner, this is not the Dark Ages, you know? Mr Green developed this app in order for you to take a swing at this slot’s quite profitable prizes regadless of where you are.

One thing you should beware of if you want to play Spectra online is that you should always download a verified Mr Green app, which is free of charge. Any apps offering Thunderkick slots for a fee are fraudulent.

Spectra Mobile Bonus

Getting more for your money is the goal of Mr Green’s online and Spectra mobile players alike. However, Thunderkick fans on the go don’t get any mobile incentives, so Spectra can be played on mobile only with as much money as you deposit. Not very stimulating, right?

The Maximum Prize

This title pays out quite lucrative rewards, but the paytable will tell you exactly how much you stand to win, so click on the paytable button to see. The highest paying symbol – BAR carries a 300 line bet multiplier. If your stake per line is 1 coins, with each coin worth £, then you will get when you line up 5 highest paying symbols.

Spectra Strategy

The best way to win in this title with Arcade theme is to pay close attention and keep yourself as informed as possible about the Thunderkick games rules, strategies, tips and tricks. With that in mind, you can still benefit from some helpful hints on how to play the best you can at the game.

It’s also advisable to always bet on all 30 lines, keeping your winning odds as high as possilble.

After playing Spectra for some time, it becomes clear that Thunderkick set it to pay larger amounts occassionally, which may prove to be quite decent for your Mr Green bankroll in the end. After all, Mr Green makes money on zillions of spins, so you don’t get affected.

Instead, focus on planning your investment into Spectra and deposit only as much money to your Mr Green account as you can afford to lose. Higher bets always mean proportionally higher payouts, but in this lively title you can win decently even with the minimum bet of £0.1 played on all 30 paylines.

Some Essentials about Thunderkick:

  • Established: 2012
  • Founder: Team-Founded
  • Headquarters: Kungstensgatan 12, 113 57 Stockholm, Sweden
  • Website:
  • Specialties: Online Gaming, Remote Gaming Server Provider, Mobile Games
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